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What products do you manufacture?

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We manufacture machinery and molds for plastic welding, packaging, printing, sealing, embossing, cutting, gold stamping, bag making,  etc.


Our products are widely used for:

Hardware and machinery, optical instruments, cars, digital, electronics, home appliances, watches, glasses, plastics, toys, clothing, shoes, stationery, leather goods, plastic shell packaging, entertainment, food, health care and other industries.


Related products amounted to:

Footwear, cloth (canvas, tents, advertising cloth, printing cloth, curtain rods, shower curtain, running belt, woven bags, booms, etc.), trademarks, stickers, albums, Tablet PC Case, CD cover, book cover, sets of documents, Ming Pianbu, paper bags, raincoats, Yu Fan, umbrellas, purses, handbags, beach bags, glasses bags, hot water bottle (water bottle, heating hot water bottle), medical supplies (infusion bags, drainage bags , urine bags, blood bags, etc.), transparent clothing box, brand name, inflatable toys, back, head, water beds, car and motorcycle seats, air conditioning lattice filters, sun visors, door panels, special shells, plastic packaging , vacuum packaging can be applied.

We take a flexible approach to business, adhere to the market-oriented, adhere to the desire to satisfy the customer as the purpose of all production activities which, at the same time establish a sossund quality assurance system and after-sales service system. We wish you the principle of equality and mutual benefit to establish sincere cooperation and common development, a total of excellence.


Samples show: