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World Houseware Group

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  • In 1968
    The business of the Group was established by Mr. Lee Tat Hing in the form of a business to manufacture textile and plastic household products for the local market.
  • In 1972
    The Group expanded its business and started to export its products to Germany, Netherlands, United States of America, Canada and Australia etc.
  • In 1985
    To diversify the Group’s business further and to take advantage of the relatively low costs of production in the P.R.C., the Group entered into a processing agreement with Shenzhen Baoan Foreign Trade Corporation to manufacture PVC household products in Pingshan Town, Shenzhen, the P.R.C.
  • In 1991
    The Group invested HK$220 million and established World Plastic Mat (Baoan) Company Limited, a Hong Kong owned legal entity in PRC. 70,000 square metre site in Pingshan Town was acquired and constructed factory buildings, staff accommodation and office totally 91,000 square metre. The Group also upgraded its production facilities by acquiring automated plant and machinery to enable high quality production. There are approximate 1,200 staffs in Pingshan including designers, workers and salespersons for promoting various plastic and textiles household products to distributors, famous household products designers, department stores and supply chains all over the world, including Walmart, Kmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Dollar General and Target in USA and Woolworth, Tedox and Edeka in British and European. The registered capital reached HK$ 360 million currently.
  • In 1993
    The Group had successfully listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, Stock code 0713.
  • In 1994
    The Group invested HK$200 million in Pinghu Town, Shenzhen, the P.R.C. and established Nam Sok Building Material & Plastic Products (Shenzhen) Company Limited. The facility site area is approx. 210,000 square metre and mainly supply PVC pipe and fittings to Hong Kong and P.R.C. market.
  • In 2002
    The Group invested HK$130 million in王庄Town, Changshu, P.R.C. and established Nam Sok Building Material & Plastic Products (Changshu) Company Limited. The facility site area is approx. 113,000 square metre and mainly supply PVC pipe and fittings to South Central and neighboring area in P.R.C.
  • In 2004
    The Group invested HK$110 million and established South China Reborn Resources (Zhongshan) Company Limited in Sha Xi Town, Zhongshan, P.R.C., the facility site area is approx. 140,000 square metre. The company is manufacturing the household products. Base on the manufacturing of the traditional plastic products, the company established a team of research and development experts to invent and develop environmental protection business. The company has obtained many technologies patents. Most of such technologies have been applied in the current production and the company has achieved the clean and environmental protection economic chain from recycling of waste raw materials to produce finished products.
    The head quarter of the Group has approx. 50 staff and located in Hong Kong. The net assets value of the Group is approx. HK$1,000 million, total number of staff within the Group approx. 2,300 and the annual turnover of the Group approx. over HK$1,000 million.
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