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Seagull (listed company)

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Customer: Seagull



Seagull was founded in 1958 as a flashlight factory and merged with China Source Investment Limited in 1998 to become Panyu Seagull Kitchen and Bath Products Co., Ltd. In August 2003,  Seagull was restructured and renamed as Guangzhou Seagull Kitchen and Bath Products Co., Ltd. In 2006, Seagull went public in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Till now, Seagull has established 3 major factories in Panyu, Zhuhai and Qiqihaer respectively with over  4,101 employees. 
Seagull has been recognized as one of the largest high-end plumbing, sanitary ware products manufacturers and manufacture service providers in China, specializes in developing, manufacturing high-end plumbing parts, faucets, pop-up, valve, thin under-floor heating, bathtub, shower enclosure, ceramic sanitary wares. Seagull is supplying the top 10 brands in Europe, United States and Asia with annual revenue over 260 million US dollars. 
Seagull devotes to the heritage of artistry in design and perfection in workmanship, and continues to be the most competitive kitchen & bath products manufacturing service provider worldwide with high efficiency, quality and best service. Seagull maintains diversified product portfolio in serving to the needs of our customers as well as providing value-added service and improving production system continuously. Seagull is also focusing on sustainable energy conservation and emission reduction by investing in the solar energy and ground source heat pumps. Seagull is adjusting the strategies based on the market requirements and accelerating the speed in upgrading.
Meanwhile, Seagull takes “ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility Management System” as its strategic guidance for organization operations to be more contributing on pushing industrial development and taking more corporate social responsibilities. Seagull regards “establishing well-being measurement for Seagull employees” as another direction for the company operations by further optimizing performance review system and emphasizing more on humanistic management to ensuring the employees are being more considered by the company, to making sure more improvement would be done to ensure on employees’ sense of happiness and satisfaction toward work. We believe all the efforts made would have no doubt to bring Seagull a much brighter future.