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Auto rotary disc type high frequency welding machine with robot arm

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Produce nane:

Auto rotary disc type high frequency welding machine with robot arm


Product Applications:

Mainly used for all kinds of double-sided blister packing, single-sided blister packing, blister packing, sealing, welding and so on. Can also be used for blowing toys, raincoats, handbags, stationery stickers, leather embossing, footwear trademarks, high-frequency bronzing embossing, cloth embossing, or PVC content of more than 30% and other materials welding embossing.


Product features :

Adopt multi-station disc (3-12 stations optional) modular design, PLC microcomputer control, multi-station coordination is completed, strong versatility, less restricted by products, automatic reclaiming and other process flow operations, PLC Computer control, screen digital display, single operation, simple and easy to learn, flexible and convenient, save about 1 labor on average compared with traditional technology, and can effectively reduce processing costs. The production efficiency of equipment is also higher than that of traditional technology, and it can effectively improve and restrain labor efficiency, which is a good helper to reduce the cost of training for employees and increase the yield of products.



1. PLC computer control, manipulator automatically fetches the finished product, multi-station worktable automatically rotates, auxiliary automatic flow operation, manual only simple product placement, reducing labor intensity, single operation, high speed and efficiency;

2. The disc adopts 1.0m disc (upper plate size 200*350mm) or 1.2m disc (upper plate size 200*450mm), which has good product versatility;
3. The machine can be operated by a single person, with an average of 6-10 seconds for a working cycle. Under normal circumstances, one person can operate 360-600 molds per hour; (according to production
Product size, one mold with multiple cavities)
4. Man-machine interface Chinese and English bilingual touch screen operation, simple and easy to learn, single mode or continuous mode can be selected according to the individual's movement speed, the operation is more flexible;
5. The PLC comes with IO point detection function, fully plug-in and unplug the electric control circuit, maintenance is convenient and quick and labor-saving;
6. According to the characteristics of product materials, specially customize production parameters and processes to ensure product quality;
7. The foldable manipulator reclaiming device (optional) flexibly occupies a small area and is suitable for assembly line operations. It is a high-efficiency equipment in a large-scale intensive chemical plant;
8. Precise divider, high-precision repetitive alignment, convenient and accurate, simple mold adjustment, can save complicated process;
9. Adopt Taiwan Airtac brand pneumatic components, Japan Omron relay and other big-name accessories, with reliable quality;
10. The vast majority of the whole machine is standard machined parts, which are manufactured on a large scale and orderly with stable quality;
11. Equipped with NL-5557 high-frequency spark protection system with extremely high sensitivity, which can effectively prevent the mold from being burnt out.


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